About Us

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Industries Served

Why Choose Rolltech

  • Wide Range of Products
    • Rolltech offers wide range of products from Renowned international manufacturers with service and technical support
      • One Stop Shop
      • Quality Products
      • Always eager to learn and improve
  • Wide Network
    • We offer products across Asia and with a strong Domestic Network in India for fast deliveries and trusted supplies
      • Network of offices and sales engineers
      • Huge inventory to readily serve
      • Always offering Cost effective solutions to wide Industries
  • Certified and Reputed
    • Over the last so many years Rolltech has a reputation to provide best in class products with Manufacturer’s Backing
      • Authorized Channel & Dealing for more than 15 brands
      • Inspection Services & Assured products
      • After sales-services

Your Growth, Our Commitment

Everyday Jinharsh is growing because the following groups are directly or indirectly contributing to us.

– Our customers
– Our principles
– Our service providers
– Our team
– Our competitors

We are very clear that if any of the above is not there or we are not creating value for them then we are not growing. What it means when we say we create value is not just limited to commercial value but it also includes respecting them, attending to and fulfilling the promise given to them on time.

Every call, every query, every questions from any of the above group has to be attended and made sure that the experience of having been served & been respected is present.

We believe that business not only happens because we are commercially competitive but it also happens because the experience we leave behind. To summarize, our company works to create value not limited only to customer but also for principles, partners and last but not the least our team which includes various departments. You are an important link in our organization.

Your work will directly contribute to the ultimate objective of our company.


Vikram Doshi, CEO