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ABB Motor

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable
utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering
environmental impacts. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries.

ABB Power Technologies serves electric, gas and water utilities as well as industrial and commercial customers, with a broad range of products, systems, and services for power transmission, distribution and automation.

High voltage induction motor

  • Modular induction motor
  • Built on the most successful modular motor platform, they comply with all relevant international standards, are optimized for variable speed control, and undergo rigorous testing at every stage of production.
  • High voltage rib cooled motors HXR
  • These motors are an excellent choice for driving pumps in power plants and process industries, as well as many other continuous duty applications.
  • Losses have been minimized by the effective use of material and optimized fan designs. Reduced core and fan losses mean there is no sharp drop in the efficiency curve at partial load.

  • High voltage rib cooled motors NXR and AXR
  • These multipurpose rib cooled motors offer high power density, easy configurability, and built-in serviceability
  • ABB’s rib cooled motors are available as N-series general purpose motors (type NXR) and A-series engineered motors (type AXR)
  • N-series general purpose motors combine cost-efficient standardized designs and short lead times with safety, productivity, energy efficiency and reliability. 
  •  ABB’s A-series of engineered motors, which are highly customized, fine-tuned to the customer’s precise needs, and offer a high degree of engineering flexibility.
  • Slip ring modular motor
  • Slip-ring motors are built using proven standardized motor design, high-quality materials and advanced ventilation technology. This, combined with the fully-braced and vacuum-impregnated windings, ensure they are extremely efficient and reliable.

IEC low voltage motor

With our expertise and comprehensive portfolio of low voltage motors we help you to improve reliability, energy efficiency and productivity of your processes. You also get life-cycle services that add value for your operations and optimize your cost of ownership.

  • General performance motor
  • Developed from the outset for maximum convenience and easy handling, ABB General performance motors can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Simple and robust design
  • Off-the-shelf available 
  • Motors for heavy electric vehicles
  • ABB has been active in the industrial and vehicle market for motor solutions for more than 100 years, designing and supplying reliable motors to be operated in harsh environments and tough conditions.
  • Compact and robust design for harsh environments
  • Typical protection class IP65
  • Liquid cooling with up to 65°C coolant temperature
  • Low voltage flame proof motors
  • ABB offers a full range of IECEx/ATEX certified low voltage flameproof IE2 and IE3 motors, according to IEC 60034-30-1; 2014.
  • Brake motors
  • ABB’s brake motors are standard motors modified for braking duties, i.e. three phase induction motors with standard dimensions and output rating. The electromagnetic disc brake is powered, either DC or three phase AC current, from a rectifier located in the motor terminal box.

Size and Selection

  • Modular induction motor – IEC sizes 400 to 1000; 140 to 23000 KW
  • Rib cooled motor HXR– IEC sizes 355 to 400; 100 to 2250 KW
  • Rib cooled motors NXR and AXR – IEC sizes 315 to 500; 100 to 1800 KW
  • Slip ring modular motor– IEC sizes 400 to 630; up to 8000 KW
  • General performance motor– Cast iron M2BAX – IEC frame sizes 71 to 355, Aluminium M2AA – IEC frame sizes 56 to 250
  • Motors for heavy electric vehicles
  • Low voltage flameproof motor– IEC 80- 450
  • Two fundamental variations to consider when selecting a motor are
  • The electrical supply to which motor is connected
  • The type of enclosure or housing
  • Loading(KW)
  • Loading is determined by the equipment to be driven, and the torque available at the shaft
  • Electric motors have standard outputs per frame size
  • Speed
  • The induction motor is a fixed single-speed machine. Its speed is dependent on the frequency of the electricity supply and the stator winding design.
  • Synchronous speed (r/min) = Frequency X 120 /Speed r/min Number of poles
  • Mounting
  • The mounting position must always be given when ordering.
  • Power supply
  • The supply voltage and frequency must be given when ordering
  • Operating environment
  • The environment in which the motor is to operate is an important factor to consider when ordering, as the ambient temperature, humidity, and altitude can all affect performance.

Baldor motor

Baldor leads the motor industry in applying new technologies and materials to improve motor reliability. Baldor was the first to introduce ISR (inverter spike resistant) magnet wire which is 100 times more resistant to voltage spike.

  • IEC metric motor
  • Energy saving, high efficiency, high starting torque and low starting current
  • Option of terminal box location
  • Option of IE1, IE2, IE3, MEP5 and premium efficiency
  • Protection class- IP55
  • MS series three-phase asynchronous motor
  • MS series aluminium housing three-phase asynchronous motor, with latest design entirely, are made of selected quality materials and conform to IEC standard.
  • MS motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation, nice appearance, and can be maintained very conveniently, while with low noices, little vibration, and at the same time light weight and simple construction. These series of motors can used for general drive.
  • ML series single phase capacitor start and capacitor run asynchronous motor
  • These motors with latest design entirely, are made of selected quality materials and confirm to the IEC standard.
  • ML series motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation, the multiple of starting torque upto 2.5
  • These series motors are suitable for the operation where the requirement of big starting torque and high over load such as air compressor, pumps and many other small machines.
  • MY series single phase capacitor run asynchronous motor
  • MY series aluminium housing single phase capacitor run asynchronous motor, with latest design entirely are made of selected material entirely and conform to IEC standard.
  • MY series motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation and can maintained very conveniently while low vibration and little noices
  • These series motors are suitable for occassion where there are requirement of starting torque is low and long term continuous working, such as home electrical appliances.
  • MC series single phase capacitor start asynchronous motors
  • MC motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation, nice appearance and can be maintained very conveniently while with low noise.
  • These series motors are suitable for operations where big starting torque and low starting current such as air compressor, pumps.

Sensor technology

ABB’s smart sensors monitor your electric motors to increase their performance, efficiency, reliability, and lifespan. The pocket-sized performance-measuring device can be retrofitted to almost any low-voltage motor and connect it to the Industrial Internet of Things. Operational data is transmitted from the sensor to a secure, cloud-based server, where it is analyzed and transformed into feedback sent directly to your smartphone or tablet. Read more

Cooling tower motor and drive system

By combining the technologies of the field proven and power dense AC laminated frame RPM AC motor with high performance permanent magnet (PM) salient pole
rotor designs and the matched performance of an adjustable speed drive, Baldor Electric can offer high torque direct drive motors for cooling tower applications with all the benefits of variable speed control and eliminating the cost and maintenance required for traditional gearbox or belted solutions. Read more

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