Welding & Cutting – Ador Fontech

RECLAIM, DO NOT REPLACE! The world has a limited supply of Mineral resources. However, the depletion rate, resulting from continuous industrialization is very high. Reclamation & Recycling of vital machinery components, therefore, assumes high priority.

ADOR FONTECH LTD. provides reclamation, fusion, surfacing & spraying solutions for Industrial components. With forty years of experience, comprehensive products & services, we provide optimal & efficient solutions.

Products and services

  • LH-ALLOY : Low Heat Input Welding Alloys
  • LE-SERVICES : Reclamation Services and Wear Parts & Components
  • LHMATIC : Flux Cored Arc Welding Wires
  • TORNADO : Inverter Welding Machines
  • TUBULARALLOY : Tubular Electrodes
  • FONARC : Robust & User-friendly Welding Equipment
  • ENDURAPLATE : Composite Wear Plates
  • WR-CERAMICS : Wear-resistant Tiles, Refractory Compounds & Solutions