Grenoveld & Beka

Lubrication Systems

There’s a lot to be said for the right amount of lubrication at the right time, consistently over the life of a machine. Groeneveld® and BEKA® progressive, dual- and multi-point lubricators regularly dispense precise amounts of grease, saving time and money over manual application.Since 2019, BEKA is part of The Timken Company, a world-leading producer of bearings and power transmission products with headquarter in Canton, Ohio, USA

Automatic lubrication systems

Automatic lubrication of components that needs lubrication like bearings, gears, pins and bushes will save you many hours of manual lubrication. Moreover, the equipment is lubricated during operation or driving, a significant difference with manual lubrication. Together with the extended life span of crucial components, this will ensure that every Groeneveld automatic lubrication system has a quick return on investment. Moreover, maintenance personnel do not constantly have to be present on site. And maintenance personnel do not have to crawl under and climb over the equipment in order to lubricate hard to reach points. This makes a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system a smart investment in machine and truck availability, efficiency, productivity and safety. The benefits in a glance:

  • Enhanced life time of pivots, bearings, pins and bushings
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduced grease consumption (up to 50%)
  • Enhanced uptime and machine productivity
  • Higher residual value of machine or vehicle

Lubrication systems by technology

There is always an automatic lubrication technology to suit your business needs. Groeneveld offers Single Line, Dual Line, Multi Line and Progressive systems.

Single Line Lubrication

For applications with long line lengths and a large number of lubrication points that must be greased with NLGI-0 grease SingleLine is the ultimate system. For applications with a smaller number of greasing points, the CompAlube cartridge system is available. The XS is used for earthmoving applications, due to its unique ZW-0 cartridge system.

Dual Line Lubrication

The range of dual line automatic lubrication systems are used all over the world on the most demanding applications. Mining equipment, container handling systems, recycling plants and more are lubricated automatically by this range of autolube systems. The Twin is available with reservoir sizes up to 8 liter, the Twin XL features a 20 liter reservoir and the Twin Barrel Pump is available with reservoir sizes up to 200 liter.

Multi Line Lubrication

Groeneveld offers Multi Line automatic lubrication system that are designed for self-install. 

Progressive Lubrication

Groeneveld offers a wide range of progressive automatic lubrication systems. From the small EcoPlus cartridge systems up to the dedicated TriPlus with three independently controlled lubrication circuits.