Electric Grease Pumps

A 24-V dc electric-powered grease lubricator greases heavy-duty equipment without tapping into hydraulic or pneumatic lines. It is sets up easily and fits directly. It works with a hose reel and hand grease gun, and can be used stand-alone or with a centralized lubrication system.

Electric-powered, our 24-Volt DC Grease Lubricator is a safer, more effective alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic lubricators.Air and hydraulic systems are complicated to tap into, air-driven pumps can bleed off air and potentially damage the system and hydraulic driven systems may lead to contaminants in the hydraulic lines, damage and costly repair. however, greases heavy-duty equipment fast and efficiently without tapping into hydraulic or pneumatic lines.


  • Versatile – It can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a Centralized Lubrication System.
  • Cost Saving – Cuts manual lubrication time in half
  • Convenient – Using a pump is easier than greasing each point with a manual grease gun
  • Portable 


  • Construction Equipment 
  • Mining Equipment 
  • Wind Turbines