Dodge Complete Units & Solid-Lube

Basic Information

Dodge was founded in 1900 by Horace and John Dodge (The Dodge Brothers). It was initially known as the Dodge Brothers Company and used to sell bicycles but then within two years, it becomes a major supplier of mechanical transmission systems. Dodge offers the most complete line of mounted bearings enclosed gearing and PT components in the industry.


  • Ball housed unit
  • Set screw bearing
  • D-lock concentric clamp collar bearings
  • SXR eccentric collar bearing
  • Grip tight adapter mount bearing
  • Ultra kleen
  • EZ kleen

Tapered roller bearing and spherical roller bearing

Design attributes

Type E bearing

  • Type E extra bearing
  • Type E-Xtra bearings are manufactured with high-capacity tapered roller bearing inserts which allow for combination radial and thrust loads; featuring the highest load ratings in the industry achieved by world class design and manufacturing.
  • Double interlock bearing
  • Double interlock is a mounted tapered roller bearing with dual locking collars.
  • Type K bearings
  • Type K is a mounted tapered roller bearing with reduced length through bore. Durable twin row tapered roller bearing with single spring lock collar and variety of mounting styles.
  • Taf bearing
  • The Dodge TAF tapered roller bearing is a proven, cost-saving alternative to the SAF spherical bearing with up to 7” bores. Interchangeable with SAF style bearings.
  • Type EXL bearing
  • The Dodge Type EXL bearing provides superior sealing, misalignment, and expansion capability as well as the highest load ratings in the industry. Additionally, the split ductile iron housings are dimensionally interchangeable with all “Type E” dimensioned products.
  • 4″ misalignment capability

Solid lube plain bearing

  • Solidlube is a carbon-graphite bearing used in high temperature and damper and oven applications where lubrication is critical.
  • It is ideal for slow speeds or oscillating shaft rotation
  • Self lubricating


  • 2-bolt pillow blocks, 2-bolt and 4-bolt flange units
  • Ideal for slow speeds or oscillating shaft rotation
  • Self-lubricating, statically self-aligning
  • Covers a wide range of temperature extremes
  •  700 series: -40°F to 700°F (-40°C to 370°C)
  • 1000 series: -200°F to -40°F (-128°C to -40°C) and 250°F to 1000°F (120°C to 537°C)
  • Ideal where bearings are subject to dry cycles


For detailed nomenclature please download below mentioned catalog


  • Unit and baggage handling
  • Mining
  • Aggregate and cement
  • Air handling
  • Paper and forest

Technical catalog