Revolvo Split Units

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Basic Information (photo / video)

Timken Revolvo products have been designed and developed to maximize service life and minimize maintenance effort. Timken Revolvo bearings have machined brass cages with unique single piece clips as standard, rolling elements are profiled to minimize damaging edge stresses and provide optimum rolling contact. All supports and housings incorporate pry slot sand doweled machined joints for easy separation.Supports are manufactured from high strength cast iron and feature double webs and thick sections; product life is thus enhanced due to high rigidity and inherent strength

Design Attributes & Advantages

Reduce maintenance downtime in trapped applications by up to 90% versus conventional units. An innovative split-to-the-shaft bearing is easy to interchange with conventional or split units. Fast and simple replacement of bearing components keeps your operations efficient and on schedule

Machined-Brass Cage

Accommodates higher speeds and temperatures as well as acceleration forces, while at the same time reducing noise

Integrated Cage Clips

Simplifies assembly, no more lost cage clips

Anti-Vibration Cage Features

Cage peening ensures long-term cage reliability on high-vibration applications

Anti-Vibration Clamp Ring Bolts

Incorporates Nord Lock® safety washers with wedge lock technology to ensure clamping force is always maintained even in high-vibration application

Robust Pedestal Support Design

Includes double webs and thick sections of premium 250 grade cast iron to enhance product life through rigidity and strength, and extra robust anti-rotation pegs

Profiled Rolling Elements

Minimize damaging edge stress and accommodate minor dynamic misalignment

Jacking Screws

Facilitates alignment during installation

Spherical Lubrication Features (SLUB)*

Split cylindrical roller bearing supports can be specified with a spherical re-lubrication feature (SLUB) to allow the bearing housing to move freely within the pedestal support

Temperature and Vibration Probe Features (TEVB)*

Allows for the installation of monitoring equipment

Sizes & Selection / Nomenclature


Units up to 150 mm (6 inch) readily AvailableUnits up to 1500 mm (60 inch) available on request


All components are totally split to the shaftQuick and easy installation. Substantial reduction in downtime compared to replacement of solid bearings
Support caps and housing halves are quickly removedEasy visual inspection to assess the condition of the bearing (during planned maintenance)
Replacement bearing interchangeability with
 existing housing
Simple and economic bearing replacement
Unit accommodates initial misalignmentSimplifies installation of associated equipment
Machined brass cage as standardEnhanced ability to accommodate higher speeds temperatures
Enhanced ability to accommodate higher speeds and temperaturesClips retained on one cage half during assembly and disassembly
ASTM 48A – Grade 35 Cast IronStrength and durability
Profiled rolling elementsMinimizes damaging edge stresses


  • Fan
  • Conveyor
  • Crusher Drive
  • Large Electric Motor
  • Kiln Drives
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Ball Mill Pinion Drives
  • Marine Propulsion Shaft
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Long Shaft