Protective Items – End-covers & Orange-Peel

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Safety End-Caps –

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Basic Information

Why protection to be used??

The main reason for usage is to avoid any human mishap when working near a rotating equipment. There are chances of a cloth or a cotton waste (cleaning purpose material) to be pulled in during proximity to rotating.

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is an organization under the United States Department of Labor that was created under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 “to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.” More specifically, OSHA touches power transmission couplings and coupling guarding through its broad Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Under these regulations, there exists a section, 29 CFR 1910 Subpart O, titled “Machinery and Machine Guarding”.

We are two type of safety tools provide.

  • For Couplings
  • For Bearings
  1. Coupling Guard : Orange Peel

Just Trim & Fit – Orange Peel’s patented trim-and-fit design revolutionizes equipment guard convenience and value, so you can get the job-site safety you want without the expense and long lead times of custom engineered guards. Because Orange Peel guards are sized to your overall application, they can be installed in 3 easy steps: make 3 simple measurements; using dimension trim lines; make 3 quick trim cuts, then simply fit the hardware. In less than an hour, Orange Peel can have you up and running. Optional ANSI and ISO safety labels are also available.

Types of Orange Peel

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Main benefits of Coupling Safety Guards are:

  • Self-supporting, adjustable design.
  • Custom fit for each application.
  • As a result, no welding or cutting required.
  • Adjustable mounting legs.

2.Bearing Guard

  • Timken Safety End Caps
  • DODGE Ball Bearing End Covers

Timken Safety End Caps

Timken Safety End Caps make workplace protection a snap.

  • Helps protect workers Meets
  • OSHA requirements
  • Retrofit kit design
  • Extends bearing life

Easy-to-install Timken Safety End Caps protect exposed rotating shafts, reducing hazards around many types of equipment. The patent-pending design meets all applicable OSHA requirements. The new Fafnir safety product line consists of a mounting ring and snapon cover, both molded in a durable, bright yellow polymer. The end cap snaps into the adhesive backed ring that adheres to the outboard face of most flanged bearing housings. The secure, 360° fit makes for a rugged unit that also provides basic protection from contaminants and washdown.


Timken Safety End Caps install securely into an adhesive-backed mounting ring with a 360° interlocking fit. The 3M VBH high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive maintains a stable and durable contact on outboard face surfaces of popular housed units. 3M rates this adhesive from -20°F to nearly 300°F (for short periods of time). Caps offer excellent solvent and UV resistance, as well as protection against contamination and washdown.

Safety End Cap Benefits

  • Improved safety – convenient means to protect factory workers from contact with rotating stub shafts.
  • OSHA requirements – design meets current OSHA regulations mandating safety covers for exposed shafting.
  • Easy installation – end cap snaps easily and securely into adhesive backed mounting ring.
  • High visibility – both end cap and mounting ring are molded in bright yellow for optimum visibility and safety.
  • Simple retrofit – convenient field installation involves easy attachment of mounting ring to outboard face of a variety of housed units from different manufacturers.
  • Flexible use – easy field installation expands application for housed units produced by a variety of manufacturers.
  • Cost efficiency – quick and simple field retrofits minimize downtime and avoid replacing existing housed units.
  • Durable service – tough polymer components and strong adhesive bond stand up to typical factory usage.
  • Contamination protection – end cap with 360° interlocking fit provides basic protection against contamination and washdown.
  • Convenient kits – everything needed for installation is provided in a handy kit.

Range of Sizes & Nomenclature

Factory retrofits are a snap with everything provided in a handy kit. The cost-effective end covers are simple to install on Timken and most other flanged units. Current sizes range From 3 ⁄4-inch to 1-15/16-inch (20mm to 50mm) shaft sizes for two or four-bolt flanged cast iron, malleable iron, and other selected housing styles and sizes.

Kit Contents
Timken Safety End Caps come in a convenient kit that contains everything required for a safe and durable mounting:
• Polymer end cap
• Adhesive-backed polymer mounting ring
• Scuffing pad
• Cleaning cloth


  • Main steps in the simple mounting procedure include:
    • Use the scuffing pad on housing’s mating surface where the mounting ring will be placed.
    • Clean off mounting area.
    • Attach adhesive-backed mounting ring.
    • Hold mounting ring in place with pressure for 60 seconds.
    • Allow adhesive to set for minimum of one hour.
    • Snap end cap into place.


  • Material Handling
    • Conveyors
    • Packaging Lines
    • Luggage Handling
  • Food Processing

DODGE Ball Bearing End Covers

Dodge® end covers for light duty flanges
Heavy duty protection for light duty flanges

Dodge light duty plastic end covers protect workers from rotating shafts and provide extra sealing protection for the bearing. The tool removable
design ensures that the end cover
will stay secure during operation.
Dodge covers offer the safety and
reliability you need.

A cover made for your equipment
Dodge end covers for light duty flange ensure your employees are safe and protect your bearings from contamination. The unique cover design grips the back of the housing and is anchored by the zerk fitting.
• 2 bolt and 3 bolt design for light duty flanges
• The tool removable design complies with OSHA regulations for safeguarding