Taps, Dies & Holders

tap cuts or forms a thread on the inside surface of a hole, creating a female surface that functions like a nutdie cuts an external thread on cylindrical material, such as a rod, which creates a male threaded piece that functions like a bolt. Dies are generally made in two styles: solid and adjustable. Various tool holders may be used for tapping depending on the requirements of the use.

Adjustable Tap & Reamer Wrenches Bar Type

virtually unbreakable, extra heavy duty, industrial quality tap wrenches The straight handle design of these tap wrenches provides greater leverage, particularly useful when working with large diameter taps. Nr. 0, 5 & 6 Have a forged body Nr. 00, 7 & 8 have die cast body


Dies Stock Holder for Round Dies


Die holder is used for holding round dies that are suited for efficient & clean cutting of external threads Dies holder has a rugged construction with heavy-duty set screws that hold the die firmly in place All steel construction with the black powder-coated body. handles have knurled end with ends in a black powder-coated finish.

Tap Wrenches T Handle Type


This range of tap wrenches is ideal for holding taps, reamer, srew extractors, and other such small hand-turned tools. All wrenches have a sliding T handle frictionally held, that allows these tap wrenches to be used even in confined spaces.

These are available in two types:

1. Regular T Handle Type – Self-centering hardened steel jaw provides a positive grip on taps, reamer and other such small tools 2. Ratchet Type – these tap wrenches have self-centering hardened steel jaw and knurled chuck sleeve, which provides positive gripe on tap, reamer, and other such small tools. The ratchet can be set left or right, or direct engagement in a natural position. This feature allows them to be used in confined areas with ease.

Tap & Die Sets

A complete range of tap and dies along with suitable tap wrenches and die holders packed in strong, attractive and convenient to store boxes. Contents are housed in a well fitted inserts