Hacksaw Frames & Blades

A hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw, originally and mainly made for cutting metal. The equivalent saw for cutting wood is usually called bow saw.

Most hacksaws are hand saws with a C-shaped walking frame that holds a blade under tension. Such hacksaws have a handle, usually a pistol grip, with pins for attaching a narrow disposable blade. The frames may also be adjustable to accommodate blades of different sizes. A screw or other mechanism is used to put the thin blade under tension.

On hacksaws, as with most frame saws, the blade can be mounted with the teeth facing toward or away from the handle, resulting in cutting action on either the push or pull stroke. In normal use, cutting vertically downwards with work held in a bench vice, hacksaw blades are set to be facing forwards.

Product Brief


An adjustable frame with outstanding design and superior quality. The rectangular section of the tubular bow ensures perfect combination of rigidity and balance. The Aluminium die cast handle, unbreakable in normal use provides a comfortable grip and also directs pressure in the correct line of thrust for maximum efficiency

The saw is adjustable for 10″ (250 mm) & 12″ (300 mm) blades. The blade can additionally be set for sawing at 90°. A handy storage compartment in the tubular bow allows for storing spare blades

The lightweight design of this saw makes it exceptionally useful for overhead cutting or use from a ladder or scaffolding.

The saw comes complete with a 12″ (300 mm) chrome steel hacksaw blade

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A rugged heavy-duty industrial quality hacksaw designed for the professional. Strong aluminium die cast handle provides comfort and control whilst the guarded grip design protects knuckles from grazing

The tubular frame has a square section which provides the perfect combination of balance and rigidity and a curved front end designed for comfortable two hand usage. Easy to use blade tensioning device helps to set the blade correctly

The saw comes complete with a 12″ (300 mm) chrome steel hacksaw blade

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Manufactured from high grade chrome alloy steel, these are useful for light and medium sawing work.

These are available in two lengths 10″ (250 mm) and 12″ (300 mm), both with 18 TPI and 24 TPI.