Gear Coupling by Falk

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About Coupling (Sub-brand of Rexnord)

The unmatched bore capacities and torque ratings of Falk Lifelign couplings often allow you to select a smaller sized coupling for a given application. In fact, selections for T frame, 60 hertz electric motors result in a drop of one coupling size for half of the 28 motor frames available. The result: quality, reliability and performance with average savings of 15-20% over competitive offerings. The smaller overall size also makes Lifelign couplings well suited for limited space applications that still require large bores and high torque loads.

Basic Information

Design Attributes & Advantages

  • The high torque ratings and large bore capacities result in savings of up
    to 35% compared to the competition
  • Long Term Grease (LTG) lubrication and a four-point seal provide maximum lubrication retention, extend the coupling life and contribute to reduced maintenance needs.
  • 3 year heavy duty warranty when used with LTG
  • Lifelign’s triple-crowned teeth are crowned on
    the root, tip and face
    to articulate freely, minimizing wear caused by misalignment. The triple- crowned teeth protects equipment from damaging loads by eliminating tip- loading while reducing backlash and radial clearances.
G Standard Flanged Sleeve
General purpose series used on bulk handling systems, paper machines, fans, pumps, cranes mixers, sugar mills, crush- ers and many other high-torque applications.
GC Continuous Sleeve
Used on high- speed equipment with low inertia requirements.
G Large Flanged Sleeve
For very high torque applications, including power plants, mining, cement, steel and metal mills, paper, sugar, rubber
and other large industrial plants.
G10 Shrouded Bolt

Sizes & Selection / Nomenclature

Applications & Installation Guide

  • Pumps
  • Paper machines
  • Conveyors
  • Pulpers
  • Crushers

Installation Manual

Falk Gear Coupling Catalog