Euroflex Couplings in India

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Basic Information (photo / video)

Rexnord Euroflex Disc Coupling is custom designed and individually produced through a highly efficient, industry-leading engineering and manufacturing process. The result is a true engineered and optimized coupling. The advantage to the customer is they receive a high-performance coupling that is competitive in design with traditional coupling suppliers, and provides an economical solution. By adhering to strict guidelines that specify the components of the coupling, including hardware and disc packs, each Rexnord Euroflex Disc Coupling is customized to fit each customer’s application. Our coupling designs are not constrained by a fixed bolt circle diameter or a set number of bolts. This allows Rexnord to truly optimize the coupling for the application.

Design Attributes & Advantages

  • Designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the application 
  • Optimized disc coupling design for high-speed and turbine-driven applications 
  • Rapid response turnaround and quote generation within 24 to 48 hours 
  • Low-mass and reduced moment coupling designs for high torque and speed capacities 
  • Capable of producing couplings with peak torque capacities greater than 17 million in-lbs (2,000,000 Nm)
  • Capable of manufacturing couplings for rotating shaft speeds in excess of 30,000 rpm 
  • Highly engineered disc coupling components, including bolts and disc packs 
  • Torsionally tuned coupling center member tubes for specific drive train operating conditions 
  • Close partnership with industry-leading torque measuring and monitoring manufacturers 
  • Ability to transmit over 120,000 horsepower (90 megawatts) 
  • Designs that meet API 671, ISO 10441, ATEX, DNV, ABS, and other specifications 
  • Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001-2008 

Sizes & Selection / Nomenclature

As part of the Rexnord Coupling portfolio, high-performance Rexnord EuroflexTM Disc Couplings are uniquely designed and manufactured for each and every application they encounter in the energy industry. Whether for a gas turbine driving a power generator on an offshore drilling platform, a steam turbine driving a centrifugal gas compressor in a refinery, or a motor driving a boiler feedwater pump in a thermal power plant, customers can trust their Rexnord Euroflex Disc Couplings have been optimized to ensure reliable operation for the lifetime of the drive train when connecting their critical rotating equipment.

Please refer to the attached Catalog for reference.

Applications & Interchange Guide

  • Gas turbine drivers coupled to power generators and compressors 
  • Steam turbine and motor drivers coupled to gearboxes and pumps 
  • Turbo expanders coupled to power generators 
  • Motors coupled to variable speed planetary gearboxes, boiler feedwater pumps, booster pumps, induced draft, forced draft and cooling tower fans, and compressors 
  • Hydraulic couplings coupled to boiler feedwater pumps 
  • Steam turbine drivers coupled to power generators, blowers and compressors 
  • Gearboxes coupled to power generators and blowers 
  • Gas turbine, steam turbine and motor drivers coupled to dynamometers (high-speed and high- torque test benches)