Slider and Impact Beds

Basic information

Flexco has the right solutions for your load zone – whether it’s low-impact applications like sand and gravel or high-impact applications like coal-fired power plants, coal prep plants, and load-out facilities. Flexco has engineered superior belt protection and unmatched serviceability in all of our slider beds and impact beds. Many of the beds feature universal components that result in an effective, yet affordable, solution. These beds can be used together, along with our skirting systems, for a complete load-zone solution.

Design attributes and advantage

  • Flexco series of beds have a unique feature each bed is adjustable for20°, 35°, and 45° trough settings.
  • EZ Series beds feature trough wings that are adjustable, they lay flat during installation, providing more clearance.
  • Full UHMW slider bars included on the outside bar to provide proper sealing and long life.
  • Unique Impact Bar Supports protect the impact bars from damage, extending service life. An Anti-Migratory Tab on each support secures the bar and prevents it from sliding in the direction of belt travel.

Slider beds

  • EZSB-C
  • CEMA D construction
  • Designed for containment in the load zone but not intended for impact zones
  • MSB- Modular slider beds with impact roller
  • Modular design accommodates any length of load zone
  • With removal of few bolts, the wings and center sections slide out for service
  • All bars feature 1″ UHMW
  • EZSB-1 Slider bed with impact roller
  • Outermost trough bar features 1” (25mm) solid UHMW slider bar to provide longer wear
  • life and consistent load zone sealing where impact is not present.
  • Provided with adjustable ider set with impact roller

Impact beds

It’s structure not bar. It absorbs more impact to save your belt. It’s exclusive velocity reduction technology provides two levels of impact relief.

Level 1– Impact bars first absorb impact energy Unique Impact Bar Supports on all DRX Impact Beds allow the impact bars to function properly – expanding and absorbing more impact energy.

Level 2– On impact beds, Isolation Mounts provide a second level of reaction force reduction, absorbing additional impact energy and minimizing transmission back to the belt. The DRX3000 Dynamic has Impact Energy Absorbers to disperse an immense amount of impact, even in extremely severe applications.


  • DRX 200
  • Rated for impacts upto 25 Kg-m
  • Velocity reduction technology provides many points of protection.
  • DRX 1500
  • Rated for impacts upto 200 Kg-m
  • Rated for belt speed upto 5 m/s
  • DRX 750
  • Rated for impacts upto 100 Kg-m
  • Alternate trough angle or picking angle available
  • DRX 3000 dynamic bed
  • For extreme impact applications
  • Rated for belt speed upto 5 m/s
  • Impact Energy Absorbers compress up to 3″ (75mm) to absorb extreme impact energy to minimize damaging forces and protect the belt


For selection of most appropriate sliding bar please follow below procedure

For selection of impact bed please follow below procedure



  • Coal and mining
  • Raw material handling plants
  • Steel

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