Belt Cleaners & Accessories

About belt cleaners

 Belt cleaners are an integral part of your belt conveyor system because of their ability to remove carryback from your belt. Carryback is a leading issue on many conveyors, requiring frequent clean-up while wearing our conveyor components prematurely and causing other conveying problems like belt mistracking. Reducing carryback can improve worker safety, increase operating efficiency, and enhance productivity.

Basic information

Belt cleaners are primarily divided into two parts precleaner or primary belt cleaner and secondary belt cleaner.

  • Precleaners are belt cleaners that are designed to scrape material off the conveyor belt.
  • Precleaners are mounted to the head pulley, below the material flow.
  • They are ideal for removing large pieces of material – typically about 60-70 percent of initial carryback.

  • Secondary cleaners are belt cleaners that are built to scrape materials left on the belt beyond the head pulley.
  • Secondary cleaners are located just past where the belt leave the head pulley, and anywhere else down the beltline.
  • It increases cleaning efficiency to more than 90 percent.

Design attributes and advantages

Flexco has a unique, patented, faceted blade profile. These blades continually renew their edges creating more efficient cleaning. Heavy-duty spring tensioning systems is an important part of the cleaning system. These tensioners enable easy visual inspection and maintain proper tension. Larger diameter poles are designed to resist powerful twisting forces caused by continuous belt motion.



  • EZP-LS “Limited space” precleaner
  • Compact design with shorter pole length
  • Standard duty, solid blade design
  • Visual tension check
  • Minimal maintenance

  • MSP standard mine-duty precleaner
  • Standard mine duty with 73 mm diameter rugged pole design
  • Compatible with reversing belts and mechanical fasteners
  • MHP heavy duty precleaner
  • Heavy duty, 3 piece design pole with rugged, duel tensioners
  • Abrasion resistant, XL solid polyurethane MegaShearTM blade
  • HV2 precleaner
  • Tungsten carbide tip provides superior cleaning efficiency
  • Adjustable cushions allows for improved pulley conformance
  • H-type HXF2 precleaner
  • Suitable as a stand-alone cleaner in standard and medium-duty applications
  • Available with polyurathane
  • EZP1
  • Standard duty with 60 mm diameter pole
  • Requires just 100 mm of horizontal clearance
  • Visual tension check

  • MMP medium mine duty precleaner
  • Heavy duty, 3 piece design pole with dual tensioner
  • Medium duty mining precleaner with Tuffshear blade
  • MHCP heavy-duty cartridge precleaner
  • One of the most rugged precleaner available
  • Telescoping 3 piece pole that resists blowing/twisting
  • Quick-change SuperShearTM blade cartridge for fast, easy maintenance
  • H-type high temperature HV precleaner
  • Tungsten carbide tip provides superior cleaning efficiency
  • Segmented blades work independently
  • MXP extreme duty precleaner
  • Flexco’s largest, most rugged precleaner takes on the harshest mining applications
  • Robust 7″ diameter pole ends telescope into 8″ center pole and bolt in place

Secondary cleaner

  • Y type secondary cleaner- polyurethane
  • Segmented tips easily serviced utilizing a removable cartridge
  • Spring tensioned to deliver optimal cleaning performance and blade life
  • EZS2 secondary cleaner
  • Segmented tungsten carbide blades
  • Patented FormFlexTM cushions that maintain optimal belt contact
  • P type cartridge secondary cleaner
  • Service advantage cartridge feature allows for easy service and inspection
  • Bolt up tensioning system
  • FMS medium duty secondary cleaner
  • Cleaning efficiency of segmented tungsten carbide blades
  • Compact MST spring tensioning system

  • U type secondary cleaner
  • U-shaped blade and offset pole that intensify cleaning power
  • Blade tips that scrape off stubborn carryback, while rubber backers “squeegee” wet material
  • Best for cupped belts and belts with worn centers
  • Motorised brush cleaner
  • Uniquely patterned bristles aid in reducing material buildup and clogging
  • Adjustable tensioners allow easy brush-to-belt adjustment as the bristles wear
  • Spins opposite the belt direction for optimal cleaning
  • Y type secondary cleaner tungsten carbide
  • Segmented tungsten carbide blades compatible with mechanical fastener
  • applications are easily serviced utilizing a removable cartridge
  • P type secondary cleaner
  • Available with C-Tips for mechanical fastener applications or
  • V-Tips for vulcanized applications
  • R type reversing secondary cleaner
  • Two way cushions that accommodate reversing belt
  • Bolt up tensioning system
  • MHS heavy duty secondary cleaner
  • Patented PowerFlexTM cushions maintain optimal belt contact
  • Tensioners and cushion create 4 points of relief, making the cleaner fastener-friendly
  • Chevron secondary cleaner
  • For raised top, chevron, or grooved belts
  • Hundreds of rubber fingers that flick off carryback
  • Free-rotating design that works only when the belt runs
  • MDWS drywipe secondary cleaner
  • Removes excess water to ensure a dry return trip down the belt line
  • Ideal for systems using a water spray pole


  • RDP1 diagonal plow
  • Discharges debris to one side of belt
  • Unique angled blade that creates effective “spiral” action
  • Fixed position eliminates bouncing and vibration problems
  • Appropriate for use at any point along inside of return belt
  • V plow
  • Simultaneously discharges debris to both sides of belt
  • Angled blade design “spirals” away debris and water
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fits virtually any conveyor structure

Belt cleaner accessories

  • Water spray pole kit
  • Stainless steel pole with powder coated steel clamp brackets
  • For use with secondary cleaners for an exceptionally clean belt
  • Typical pressure setting is 40-60 psi (276-414 kPa)

  • Wash box
  • Fully enclosed to clean belt and then contain the waste wash water
  • Configurable cleaner mounting plate accepts all of Flexco’s superior secondary belt cleaners

  • Optional mounting kit
  • For MHS or MDWS secondary cleaner installs requiring additional mounting versatility
  • Long mounting bracket kit also available for
  • installations that require extra length legs
  • Stabilizing rollers
  • For use in applications with belt cup or belt flap
  • By preventing these issues secondary cleaner performance and blade/tip life is enhanced

  • Inspection door
  • Lockable design
  • Dust-tight seal
  • Available with or without screen
  • Spring tensioner accessories
  • Spring Covers protect spring and threaded rod from contamination and material buildup
  • Tensioner Lock prevents unauthorized cleaner retensioning


  • For the selection of proper belt cleaner, the following information is needed
  • Belt width
  • Conveyor frame (structure) width
  • Head pulley diameter
  • For pre-cleaners – what is the belt’s material path
  • Material conveyed (dry, wet, sticky, etc.)
  • Type of belt splice:
  • Mechanical – skived or unskived
  • Vulcanized
  • Temperature or other extreme environmental factors
  • Does the belt reverse


  • Cement industry
  • Mining industry
  • Steel plant
  • Material handeling plant

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