Slewing Ring Bearings

The slewing ring, being the link between a mobile element and a fixed base, must have the capacity to transmit the stresses of the mobile part towards the base. It is necessary to accurately define all the actual stresses applied so that a suitable slewing ring with adequate capacity can be selected. This should include the effects due to masses and inertias of the payloads and structures.

It is necessary to distinguish the fixed loads and the variable loads as well as the effects due to dynamic loads, the latter constituting “fatigue” stresses. The direction of forces affecting the slewing ring must be well defined so that the active tilting moment can be established. 

• The AXIAL LOADS whose direction is parallel to the slewing ring rotation axis. The resultant of these loads is called FA.
• The RADIAL LOADS contained in planes perpendicular to the rotation axis. The resultant of these loads is called FR.

Standard Applications

Design Features

Rollix is the expert in preloaded slewing rings. Thanks to our process of grinding of the raceway and to systematic matching, we offer you a slewing ring that is as precise as possible throughout its lifetime. Thanks to simultaneous engineering, we produce a product that answers the most specific requests of the most demanding customers (slewing rings made of titanium, aluminium etc…)

Range of Sizes

Rollix, French Manufacturer, a department of the Defontaine group, have designed and manufactured special bearings and slewing rings  from 100 to 6000 mms diameter, with and without gear, since 1969. 95% of our production is exported to more than 65 countries, all over the world.

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