Housings (SNT & SAF) & Accessories

Timken also provides the accessories which play a prominent role in the installation of a bearing into the housing. SEAL OPTIONS Help keep interior contact surfaces debris-free and properly lubricated with strong and effective seals. Timken double-lip, labyrinth, V-ring and taconite seal options increase bearing life and improve up time. END COVERS Avoid damage to bearing and housing with easy to install end covers. LOCATING RINGS Provide flexibility to fix or float the bearing.

Sealing options

Sealing options available in TIMKEN SNT housings

Double-lip seals are the most common seal design used with SNT split plummer blocks. These are general all-purpose elastomer seals that can protect in moderately contaminated environments. The seal is split into two 180 degree halves for easy installation. The seal element runs against the shaft surface and should be used in grease lubricated blocks. Contact your Timken engineer for
double-lip seal availability when using cylindrical bore housings.

V-ring seals are a deflector type seal. They are made up of an elastomer V-ring seal element that rotates with the shaft and runs against the axial surface of a washer-type component that is retained in the block housing. As the V-ring element is a stretch fit onto the shaft, a rougher shaft surface is acceptable. This seal performs well in moderately contaminated environments with
fine particulate.

Labyrinth seals are made up of a single metal ring component that interconnects with the grooves in the housing to form a labyrinth gap. The inside diameter of the metal ring contains an O-ring that creates an interference fit with the shaft so that the ring will rotate with the shaft. Labyrinth seals can be used on high-speed applications and in moderately contaminated environments.

Taconite seals are a combination of both a labyrinth seal and V-ring seal. The labyrinth seal is made up of two separate metal ring components, inner and outer, that have interconnecting grooves that form a labyrinth gap. The outer metal ring component contains an O-ring on its outside diameter that provides an interference fit to the groove in the housing. The inside diameter of the inner metal ring component contains an O-ring that creates an interference fit with the shaft so that the ring will rotate with the shaft. This seal performs well in highly contaminated environments such as those seen in mining operations.

In some applications, the shaft end is designed to terminate inside the pillow block. For this design, positive fitting end-cover inserts are available to help seal out contaminants and retain lubricants – providing additional protection to the bearing.

Seal selection

Selection of seal on the basis of various parameters


Timken housing accessories nomenclature